Phase 1 Goals: November 2021
  • Create branding, website and social media accounts
  • Deploy SPEECH token to Binance Smart Chain
  • List on Pancakeswap
  • Lock liquidity on for one year
  • Launch marketing campaign and get media coverage
Phase 2 Goals: December
  • Listing on price index sites such as CoinGecko and PooCoin
  • Offer meme/art contest with rewards
  • Recruit community members for assistance
Phase 3 Goals: Early 2022
  • Make donation(s) to free speech organizations
  • Pursue listing on centralized exchanges
  • Pursue partnerships
Long-Term Goals
We’ll consult with the community for ways we can expand our project. One possibility is to create an image sharing app integrated with a Metamask login that enables the community to post and share SPEECH token and free speech-related memes and NFTs in exchange for a chance to win prizes. Another idea is building our own swap app.
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