Why did we choose to create a charity token to support freedom of speech? Like charity tokens that support animals, we believe free speech online is also endangered and needs our help.

The internet was created as a borderless, modern day public square for netizens to share ideas, debate, collaborate and learn. But that freedom of speech is increasingly being threatened and undermined by governments and corporations.

To be clear, we’re concerned about free speech in the broad sense of the term, not within the narrow legalistic confines of the First Amendment, which only defines the limitations on the United States government in restricting speech (although that’s arguably in peril, too). The concept of free speech is much bigger and bolder than the constitutional provision. It’s a fundamental human right.

There are many ways that freedom of speech can be violated and censorship can occur that do not involve the government. One prominent example is the growing trend by popular social media platforms to ”shadow ban,” suspend and even permanently ban users for simply expressing controversial opinions. Another example is financial institutions and payment intermediaries shutting down accounts or inhibiting transactions for lawful speech. These are just a couple of the many ways our basic human right to free speech are being violated. And, of course, governments around the world routinely engage in censorship.

We’re aiming to push back against these violations by generating revenues from our token to fund organizations that are defending free speech rights. We’re interested in promoting free speech worldwide, not just in the United States. We believe this project exemplifies the vision of the early cypherpunks, including Satoshi Nakamoto, when they developed cryptocurrencies, which are designed to be censorship-resistant and unregulated by government and corporations. Regardless of how much in donations we ultimately raise, we hope the mere existence of our project will help raise awareness of censorship issues worldwide.

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